SBELLNECK is a company that commercializes Scarves and Pashminas of Baby Alpaca, in his great majority handmade with handcrafted looms in Peru, the cradle of the Alpaca.

Our scarves are of exceptional quality and are made with all the care, love and care for people who are dedicated entirely to weave this fiber.

The Alpaca is much appreciated by the big tailors and designers, and in turn is a product with unique properties of brightness, quality, lightness and thermal.

Alpaca fiber, with which our products are made, come from the animal of the same name that lives in the cold climates of the Andes Mountains.

This fiber is considered to have unique characteristics, it allows for high quality clothing of extraordinary comfort. Its silky, soft texture is a result of its thermal properties, due to the microscopic bubbles inside the fiber. Likewise it is a fiber high breathability, elasticity and lightness. Soft and delicate touch has a natural shine.

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Scarves and Pashminas alpaca wool

This product is made from ALPACA fibre, from the animal with the same name that lives in the cold Andean highlands, which is where it comes from. It is considered to have unique characteristics. It can produce garments of the highest quality that are extremely comfortable. Its silky, soft and durable texture is due to its thermal properties, which come from microscopic air bubbles located within.

Baby alpaca wool from Peru

The presence of microscopic air pockets inside make it possible to create lightweight garments with a high thermal value.
Strong and Resistant.
Noted for its high breathability.
Its elasticity lets it maintain its shape without falling in and contributes to its durability.
It is smooth and delicate to the touch due to the fibre’s cellular structure.
It has a natural shine, which gives garments made with it a great visual appeal.